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Dolls Plastic Surgery – meets our global recognition

Welcome to the News section of Dolls Plastic Surgery, where excellence in cosmetic surgery meets global recognition. Here, we proudly showcase a curated collection of press publications from around the world, highlighting the exceptional work and transformative results achieved at our Miami clinic. Each feature is a testament to our commitment to advancing the field of cosmetic surgery, and a reflection of the trust and satisfaction experienced by our clients. Dive into these articles to discover why Dolls Plastic Surgery is not just a choice, but a destination for those seeking the pinnacle of aesthetic enhancement.

Post Premio Renuvion
Post Premio Renuvion

TOP Doctor’s 2023 – Golden Center 2023 Award

Golden Center 2023 award and recognition for Dr.Richard Vagley and Dr. Keith Berman as Top Doctor’s 2023.

Four Secret Keys to Safety in Plastic Surgery

“The surgeon-patient relationship is the first step to guarantee optimal results…”

Four Secret Keys to Safety in Plastic Surgery
EUROPAPRESS – november 16-2023

Dolls Plastic Surgery, creating a new concept based on patient care, safety, and aesthetic results.

Doll Plastic Surgery Death

When choosing Dolls Plastic Surgery, you’re not only opting for a procedure but also a rich legacy of skill, expertise, and innovation.

Dolls Plastic Surgery
Dolls Plastic Surgery

This clinic has world-class plastic surgeons and some of the most innovative technologies in this field.

Your dream body is just