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A list of items recommended to bring with you.

Out of Town Patients

  1. Loose fitting long dress, button down shirt.
  2. Slip on shoes.
  3. Antibacterial soap (Dial)
  4. Large towel (preferable dark towel)
  5. Gauze pads
  6. Chux pads
  7. Baby wipes, unscented
  8. Bath robes / Sleeping robes
  9. Photo ID
  10. The same Mastercard/Visa/America Express that you paid with
  11. Insurance card / Prescription money (if insurance does not cover bring extra $120)
  12. Laxative (over the counter for post op constipation)
  13. Ibuprofen and Tylenol after surgery ( if desired instead of prescribed pain med)
  14. Floradix to keep the iron level up after surgery (This should be used 45 days prior to surgery)
  15. Razor to shave surgical area prior to surgery
  16. Feminine Hygiene Toiletry
  1. Natural juice (pineapple and orange)
  2. Food high in protein and Iron
  3. Saltine crackers Pedialyte
  4. Fruit and vegetables
  5. Water bottle
  6. You need to do from 10 to 15 lymphatic massages (The first one at the clinic with Post Operative Package – please contact

After surgery going back home

  1. Biocorneum (for the scaring after the surgery) (3 weeks after the surgery)
  2. Silicone ear plugs (Tummy Tuck patients 3 weeks post op)
  3. Hypafix (Retention tape dressing for Tummy Tuck change as directed by physician)
  4. Benadryl in case itching occurs around surgical areas
  5. Sport bra after 2 weeks post op Breast Augmentation / Breast Lift / Breast Reduction
  6. Comfortable fitting clothes
  7. No jeans for Brazilian Butt Lift patients (until 3 months post op)
  8. Any garment purchased out of our facility must be a Surgical Garment min. until 2 months post op

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