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What is Cell Saver in Plastic Surgery?

What is Cell Saver in Plastic surgery?
What is Cell Saver in Plastic Surgery

Cell Saver in Plastic Surgery

What is Cell Saver when used during a BBL?  In plastic surgery, which includes liposuction and fat transfer, there are real questions to ask to make an informed decision with your doctor.  Read here to discover answers to questions about BBL plastic surgery with Cell Saver.

Plastic surgery today provides new advances all the time.  The decision to have a procedure, such as liposuction with BBL fat transfer is one that can be life-changing.  To reduce risk to the patient, the Cell Saver can keep a patient’s own blood cells alive and well, before your own blood may be returned to you.  Blood flow is important for healing, and this option can make plastic surgery happen for people who, in the past, were not good candidates. With this improvement in the BBL plastic surgery world, people have an option to discuss with their doctors.  Reducing risk and maintaining health are assumed worth the cost.  Asking, “is Cell Saver safe,” is the responsible thing to do.

If you have been hearing about this exciting option for BBL, please, continue reading and be informed.

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What is Cell Saver when used during a BBL

What is Cell Saver?

Blood and fluids are lost or removed during surgeries, such as plastic surgery that includes liposuction and the Brazilian Butt Lift. The Cell Saver machine allows for the removal of whole blood, of course after anesthesia. Then the good quality removed blood is “transfused back to the patient immediately after surgery.” Other types of surgery have used cell saver and it is now being used in plastic surgery to improve the patient’s outcome after a BBL, (Brazilian Butt Lift). This may include other liposuction with fat transfer. As described in a recent medical journal, a Cell Saver has the ability to recycle your own blood. To reduce risk, calm fears, and decrease the cost of a blood transfusion, this option is now available to patients who need it. Is Cell Saver needed for BBL? The surgeon will look at personal factors, cost, and any other factors which may be present but not predictable. By having this conversation, the best decision becomes clear. Is it worth it? Cell Saver is safe for most people, and it is better for the process of recovery than a blood transfusion. Not everyone needs a blood transfusion; however, a BBL does remove a volume of fat which includes a volume of blood and fluids. Replacing the blood with clean, oxygenated blood from your own body, once the fat is transferred, will allow your normal red blood cells to reach their full potential. This can have the effect of reducing the risk of anemia, and further medical intervention.

At Dolls Plastic Surgery, Cell Saver is available and can be an option discussed for people whose blood work shows hemoglobin, customary, between eleven and just below 12. The only way to know for sure is to schedule your consultation with the staff at Dolls Plastic Surgery, who can take care of any concerns and questions.

Is There Any Cell Saver with BBL Side Effects? 

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What is Cell Saver in Plastic surgery, What is Cell Saver when used during a BBL

The Cell Saver technology uses your whole blood before the red blood cells begin to deteriorate outside your body.  The process of cleaning and adding oxygen is a safer way to handle your blood. This improves quality when it is Brazilian back to you at the end of the plastic surgery procedures, including Brazilian Butt Lift. The human body needs good blood flow and oxygen to heal.  For the same reason that you receive post-operative instructions, Cell Saver is an option.  It can lead the patient to have a safe, effective process, leading to the best possible outcome.

The question, “do I need Cell Saver” for a planned BBL procedure, is one of many. Is Cell Saver safe? Is cell saver effective? Cell Saver provides your own red blood cells with a greater ability to heal wounds and oxygenate your body. This technology is a proven option, as it has been used in the medical field for decades, and now in plastic surgery as an effective option. The long history of the Cell Saver during many different surgery routines adds to its expected reliable outcomes. The safety of this procedure with BBL can be compared to the outcomes of many patients who chose to use Cell Saver for heart surgery. The need for blood transfusions decreased quite a lot for patients having heart surgery with Cell Saver. Even though transfusions are generally safe, Cell Saver is a way to reduce fear and increase the overall healing experience. With this in mind, the connection can be made to plastic surgery. Since the use of the Cell Saver has produced such positive results in many other intraoperative (during surgery) uses, the benefits are real with usage in BBL plastic surgery lipo fat transfer.

While a zero percent risk from surgery is not possible, using the cell saver during plastic surgery, like BBL, can give peace of mind.

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At Dolls Plastic surgery in Miami, Florida, Cell Saver is an option with BBL. The well-informed staff provides a friendly and free consultation to interested clients. Contact Dolls Plastic surgery for information about costs of procedures, finance options, specials, and to set up a consultation.

The questions can lead to a hard decision when not in the right hands.  Trust that Dolls Plastic Surgery will answer questions in the way a client should be treated.  

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