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bbl faq you must know

5 BBL FAQ You Must Know

Nowadays, BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift is a very common procedure. It involves removing fat from other parts and transferring it to the buttocks. The practitioners do it with Liposuction. The surgeon takes the fat from the stomach, lower back, and thighs, and then injects it into the buttocks. Since this is a common procedure, people have a lot of questions about it. This article enlists the top 5 BBL FAQs that the patients might have in their minds.

1. How to Sleep after a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

After a Brazilian Butt lift surgery, you need to sleep on your stomach. This is the best way to fasten the recovery process. You can also sleep sidewise, but sleeping on your stomach is the best option. Leading surgeons tell you that you need to sleep that way for at least two months into your surgery. Although it depends on how fast you are recovering too. You might end up needing more than two months too.

2. Best foods to feed the fat after BBL

Watching your diet is very important. After the BBL surgery, you have to be very careful about what you eat. You need to stay hydrated and eat balanced food to avoid any complications. At this point, your body needs high-nutrition food that will help nourish the transferred fat.

Along with the diet, you also need to stay hydrated. Drink water regularly as it helps in flushing out the toxins in your body. Some of the best food to eat after the BBL is walnuts, olive oil, avocados, and salmon. These foods are not only nutritious but they are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to avoid junk food at all costs. Because such food items are devoid of nutrients which delays the recovery process.

3. How long after BBL can you work out?

This is the most common BBL FAQ that doctors get. After any surgery, doctors suggest that you need a good amount of rest after any surgery. You need to give your body time to rest and completely recover from the procedure. Later, you may wish to hit the gym immediately, but doing it too so soon could compromise your results.

Almost 30-40% of the shifted fat gets reabsorbed in the body after the BBL. If on top of that you work out, then it will not only make the reabsorption faster but will also diminish the results. You can do some light moving around and strolling. But strenuous exercises are a big no-no. After full recovery, you can slowly start your workout.

There are a lot of leading surgeons in Brazilian butt lift surgery in Miami. They have suggested that the ideal time to go back to working out is about 3-4 months post-surgery. Although, that would differ from person to person, depending on their recovery time.

4. Will squats ruin my BBL?

One common BBL FAQ that patients have is that, will squatting ruin their BBL. The main point to keep in mind is that squatting is a strenuous exercise. While it is famous for enhancing the glutes, it might hamper your buttocks if you do it right after your BBL. You can absolutely do squats.

But you have to wait a good amount of time after the BBL to start with any kind of strenuous exercise. Once your recovery period is over, you can do weight training as well as cardio. In fact, glute workouts like squats. Working out at the right time will enhance the appearance of your BBL. It also give you that desired perky buttocks that you want.

5. Best Clothes to wear after BBLs

You need to wear the right kind of clothes after the BBL to fasten the recovery process. Your clothes need to be as comfortable as they can. Surgeons often send compression garments after the surgery. These garment shapes enable the buttocks to stay firm and in shape. This will keep the shape you achieve after BBL. It is not very fashionable, but it is very effective. It is very important to wear it immediately after the surgery, only for a short time.

When it comes to the garments to choose to wear on top of it, you need to get really comfy and flowy clothes. Breathable garments will maximize comfort. Most BBL patients love cotton pajamas and sweatpants after the process.

Any surgical procedure is difficult for the patient. But with time, things get better. Every passing day the recovery period gets shorter. Before getting the surgery, you need to do your research about the various pros and cons of it. You also need to see if the surgery is good for you or not. Only after that, you should prepare yourself to undergo the process.