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8 what does tummy tuck cosmetic surgery consist of

What does tummy tuck cosmetic surgery consist of?

Although it is one of the most demanded surgeries by both men and women, there is a possibility that you have never heard about it.

Although it is not an alternative to lose weight, it contributes greatly to improve your physical appearance.

But what exactly does a tummy tuck consist of?

The function of this surgery is to improve the appearance of the torso when the skin has accumulated stretched and flaccid in people, this can be done in three different ways, previously evaluated by our medical team taking into account the characteristics and needs of patients and so they can advise you on which is the option you need.

The first one is the endoscopic abdominoplasty, and it is a very simple intervention where the incisions are very small; the endoscopes are introduced through these incisions that will guide the surgeon during the intervention and in other incisions will be introduced some small tools that will allow to eliminate the fat and the excess skin of the area that is working.

The second one we will be talking about is the mini-abdominosplasty and it is used to treat only the area below the navel, being much simpler than the first one.

And finally, we find the traditional abdominoplasty, which requires much more time during the intervention and in the postoperative period. In this case, the surgeon makes an incision above the pubic area where fatty tissue and loose skin is removed, which will allow a flatter and firmer abdomen.

Our surgeons, anesthesiologists and the whole team are dedicated to offer you the best care before, during and after the interventions, helping you to make the best decisions and the care you need from the first moment you are in contact with Dolls Plastic Surgery.