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4 learn about the mommy makeover recovery process

Learn about the Mommy Makeover Recovery Process

Mommy Makeovers are of interest to all women who have gone through the childbirth process. Many of our patients are affected in some way after pregnancy, being common in all moms.

Before performing any surgery, it is vital to know all the information and its whole. That is, it is necessary to know the whole process.

In this article, we will focus on the details you should know for the post-operative Mommy Makeover.

Returning to your normal activities may take some time, although patients can incorporate daily activities gradually if they follow their pre and post-surgical instructions to the letter.

1. Some common effects after Mommy Makeover, such as soreness, bruising, swelling, and even tenderness near the scar, is shared with any surgery and will disappear with time.

2. Take the time to rest during the first few weeks, avoid any exertion that may jeopardize healing and your recovery.

Don’t forget to take your painkillers, and keep in mind that our doctors will give you the recommendations you need. Do not exceed the indicated amounts.

4. During your recovery process, you will have several follow-up appointments that allow us to monitor your cycle, never miss these, and constantly communicate with any questions while you are at home.

For us, your health will always be the most essential thing, follow to the letter the indications that your doctor will give you, and you will not have any mishap that may affect you.

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