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1 after bbl how do i feel

After BBL… How do I feel?

Millions of women, after having their brazilianbuttlift , are tormented with doubts about how they should sit or sleep in recovery either to avoid pain or to avoid some kind of damage to the work done.

Undoubtedly, being careful with certain movements or postures to sit or sleep play a fundamental role.


The answer is simple, if you put pressure on your buttocks, you will affect the blood circulation in the area, consequently the transferred fat cells can be destroyed, although it can be only a percentage of it, the main purpose is to take care of them and avoid this type of situations that in one way or another will affect the results.


Remember, if you perform compression to the buttocks we lose the results, it is therefore forbidden to sleep on your back, sit leaning on the buttocks, leaning back in an armchair, it is important to note that there are also other measures of vital importance not related to the subject, but do not forget that you can not wear tight clothing, sports that involve action of the lower limbs, in the first weeks.

You may feel uncomfortable at first, and changing this from one day to the next is not easy. You may even find it hard to avoid sitting at the beginning, since most of the day is spent lying down or sitting.


If you want to sit, you can use the elevated cushion by placing it under your thighs. This way you will be sitting with your legs and not with your buttocks.

You can also sit on a chair using the backrest facing you, using your thighs as support points and let your buttocks be in the air, take advantage of the backrest as an armrest.

To sleep try to do it lying on your stomach, use cushions on your sides as barriers to avoid turning while you are sleeping and end up on your back, you can try lying on your side as long as your buttocks do not suffer pressure.


You just need to be calm, patience will help you to have great results, the intervention needs your support to achieve it, do not let yourself be dominated by anxiety, when you want to sit or sleep practice the positions that we recommend, you will notice the difference and you will start to enjoy your BBl.